About Us

Dr. Jiwan Garg
MBBS, M.D.(Radiology, X-Ray, UltraSound and C.T. Scan Specialist)

He is the First Person who has introduced the latest techniques and diagnostic equipments in the city. Almost every diagnostic modality in the city has been first introduced by him.

Garg Diagnostic Centre

Garg Diagnostic Centre is conveniently located on Circular Road, Near Rori Gate, Sirsa. It was established in 1987 with the aim of providing quality diagnostic care to the patients. It is the oldest and most reputed diagnostic centre in the city. GDC offers numerous health services for the individual, group, corporate body or government in the form of health diagnostic and medical assistant services all under one roof.

We Provide latest facilities that are available in diagnostic field. Since inception it has been the continuously upgrading the available services with introduction of the “state of art” newer equipments and techniques all the time.The medical teams are supported by the very latest technology which includes the newest spiral CT scanner, an 0.3T MRI scanner and a full range of Conventional and Digital X-ray and ultrasound machines.

GDC prides itself on its commitment to our customers and is constantly striving to improve our performance and increase customer delight. GDC maintains high levels of quality, our practices are ethical and transparent, our rates are reasonable and we aim to far exceed all customer expectations. All of us at GDC look forward to being of service to you and assure you of our best attention at all times.

The unique nature and proven effectiveness of the advanced technology at the Centre,together with the first-class staffing and procedures, is establishing a new paradigm for radiology services in Sirsa City.

Serving majority of people since 1987.